Thinking back… Do you know how I learned how to ride a bike.
It was just me and Gravity, no old man to hold or push me.
Start ontop a slope, maybe about 30 degrees incline. And I just ride down that slope. Not pedaling, just free falling.

I kept pushing the bike back up the slope, and do the whole routine over and over again. It was fun, it’s my first time riding a bike. From there, I learnt to pedal and damn it sure went faster.

After a couple of times of that, I got the confidence to actually really ride the bike on a flat road. But I miss the speed. And pedal more I did.
The faster I got the more confident I became.


Till I start noticing an old man that I don’t think will move out of the way for me. So I did what I had to do, I swerve and lo and behold, I met a tree, and when you swerve one direction it’s hard to swerve it back. So my shoulder met the tree.

What does this story have to do with the topic?

These my friend… were simple times. The simple things in life that you’ll always tend to look back upon.

So… care to share your stories when you first started to ride a bike? Comments section all open up for you.

Keep Life Simple.



Amen Lim, an illustrator, web designer and gamer.
Notoriously informal and admitting, " I can't wear shoes. So tshirt, cargo and sandals it is."