What’s amazing about the times we are in now, is that information is readily available.
Feel like eating something in particular, search for it. Only have a certain particular ingredient for a meal, search for it.

And search involves afew clicks, a few scrolls. You’ll get a video with step by step instruction.
Amazing isn’t it.

I’m a big fan of cooking show. It’s kinda ingrained into me since I was young.
I remembered I used to have a piece of paper with a pencil in hand, ready in a moments notice to just scribble whatever recipe was on screen. And my mum would be like, take that down take that down, we’re trying that out this weekend.
I have less than a minute to write that shit down. There was no rewind button, no replays.
If you missed out on any one ingredient, you’ll be asking around the room; “who got the other half of the recipe!?” or “How many what was in what?”

And what’s even worse than that?… If it was a cooking show on radio.

But… look at now. Seriously, we can BINGED watch cooking shows.
And the variety nowadays. So much character, so much depth in a single show. It isn’t even really about the food anymore. It’s about cultures, it’s the interactions between chef and students or what’s going on in the mind of the chef.

And You just keep on clicking watch next, watch next, watch next, not even a care about what or how the food was cooked. You’re now more interested in what’s going on, or how different they do things. It isn’t really about the food. Cause you know, with a few clicks and scrolls you can get that recipe later.



Amen Lim, an illustrator, web designer and gamer.
Notoriously informal and admitting, " I can't wear shoes. So tshirt, cargo and sandals it is."