It’s been a busy week after week. With the holidays sneaking round the corner. And it’s 2019. Time do flies when you’re hectic as hell.

To welcome 2019, kinda having mixed feelings. Well every new year is always a mixed up of feelings.
The nostalgia, the nagging, the endorphins, dopamine… Lots of min mine mine. You get the picture.
But overall, sometimes it’s just better to sit back and just chill with the big picture hanging overhead.

All work and no play makes you duller. So, play we did. And it kinda gave me fresh new ideas especially games related.
All available now with limited stocks! Once again, thanks for the support over 2018, even though Studio is still in the toddler stages. Thanks alot guys & gals.
And of course a big Happy New Year! Let’s welcome this 2019 with a big HURRAH!