Amenwolf the accidental brand.

It started out with simply W^olf, as a in game name. But it was too common and that symbol ^ wasn’t really friendly on various platforms.
Hence the sticking of my name into it, ‘Amen’ and it has been stuck ever since.
A name that was used primarily in gaming and slowly it became a name, a business and now a brand.

The Logo

Consisting of multiple outlook to how we see things.
An abstract of meanings hidden within.
It begins with a casual overall. Simply looks like a face in a hat.
Looking further in, we find the Arch symbolizing a Shinto, a gate that connects the past and present.

With sharp & rounded corners we’re creating a sense of fusion. Where East meets West. A multitude of cultures.

The overall structure of the Arching over, creates a sense of place; a studio.

Break The Impossible

That’s the philosophy I like to live with. Or actually it was a philosophy that was unseen all this while but I’ve been living with.

Only to be seen when the day the wife started nagging how stubborn I was. Then I realize. I’m always trying out new things, with so much hurdles and obstacles to it. With a die die attitude with almost certainty I’ve managed to get around with it.

And there’s never been any smooth sailing but somehow I’ve always manage to steer the ship to shore or ‘stir.’

That’s where the mantra Break the impossible comes in. It can be viewed upon with multiple perspective.
Like solving something impossible, making it possible OR just fucking break the impossible, heck care about the possibilities. Once the impossible is broken, YOU’RE THROUGH!