The Studio Story

Studio is the brainchild of Amenwolf (Amen Lim)
a Singapore based web designer and marketer.
Studio was built as an idea to be a bridge for expression.

What words can’t say, art will show.

My name is Amen Lim and I make abstract expressive art, digitally.

My earliest relationship with Art started with design. From logos to web design, learning and understanding the fundamental of what goes well with a brand and a niche.
Over the years, I felt that kind of expression is very much constraint. The limits of how far you are allowed to go is also constrained by the fundamental that guides you.

I use a variety of applications and technique which includes Adobe illustrator and photoshop, painting, photography and digitally collage.

Creatitivity begins with an experimentation with space, colors and shapes. Overall it’s all about the expression.