Digital Abstract Art For Modern Spaces


Studio is the brainchild of Amenwolf (Amen Lim)
a Singapore based web designer and marketer.
Studio was built as an idea to be a bridge for expression.

Lambent Passion Without Red

Red The color of passion. A very emotionally intense color Red But there isn't any Red. A gleaming soft glow, flickering with a soft radiance. Lambent Passion a soft gentle approach towards dedication. An abstract of a heart and a flame in warm colors over...

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The Split

The complimentary piece.The color mix of The Split makes it a versatile complimentary piece for most locations and decorations.Colors used aren't fully on the saturated spectrum, giving it a subtle presence among others.The warm and cool colors combination...

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Rolling Red Asymmetrical Balance

Created with motion in mind. An abstract piece that starts the ball rolling. The overall idea was how do we create motion, we thought that an imbalance would fit the idea hence the non parallel lines makes the most sense. This is a simple yet a statement...

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